Customers from European Union countries, please read these instructions before returning any item from your order.
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You may send almost any unused item back to us within 14 days from the date when you received the order.

Please make sure your item is returnable (e.g. it is not hosiery, underwear, makeup, mask, or jewelry).

  1. Find the "Delivery list" (always sent with your order) and:
    1.1 Mark the items you are sending us for the return.
    1.2 Write whether you want a money refund, store credit refund, or size exchange.
    1.3 If you want an exchange, please write which size you want us to exchange it for.
    1.4 For refund, write: 'I want to return for a money refund,' or, 'I want to return for a store credit.'

    The benefit of store credit and exchange: With both options, you keep shopping points. You also gain bonus points, putting you on the path to VIP status (or an upgrade if you're already a VIP!). This way you won't miss out on special offers, discounts, and free shipping.
    Have you lost the delivery list?
     No worries, log in to your account and download and print the invoice, write all the info requested above on the invoice.
    No printer? No worries! Use a piece of paper & write your full name, address, email, order number, the reason for the return, and your request.
    It is crucial to include a delivery list with your return and write as much information as possible, so our returns team knows what to do with your return once they unpack it and our accounts can quickly find your order.
  2. Pack everything nicely, and Please make sure all items meet the "Return Conditions":
    2.1 Return items must be in their original state and original packaging, with their original labels and tags.
    2.3 All items must be returned spotlessly clean, unworn, unwashed, and clean, without smells, dust, animal hair, deodorant, or makeup stains. 🖤
    2.4 Each returned item should be neatly folded and packed in the original packaging.
    2.5 Any promotional items included free of charge required to be returned shall the order be returned in full.
    2.6 You may use the same box we sent your order or use your own. Whichever you use, please ensure you protect the returned goods and do not ruin their packaging.
  3. Send the return back to our address:
    Dariaus ir Gireno 2
    02158 Vilnius
  4. Please also write our phone number +37064866613
    & email [email protected] so the couriers can contact us about the delivery.

    If you want to send your return to the Parcel Box, please use one of these addresses:
    For Omniva: IKI Dzūkų Omniva paštomatas, Dzūkų g. 1,77769 Vilnius
  5. Email us with the tracking number & name of the courier company you used to send us the return.
  6. Wait until we receive & inspect the return, refund your payment, issue a shopping credit for you, or send you a size exchange. 
    Once we finalize your return, you will receive a confirmation email from [email protected].

General information on returns can be found in the RETURN & REFUND section.

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