Please return the goods in the same conditions you'd want to receive them.
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  1. Item must be eligible for return. The non-returnable items list is here.
  2. Return items must be in their original state, with their original labels and tags.
  3. All items must be returned spotlessly clean, unworn, and unwashed, without smells, dust, animal hair, deodorant, or makeup stains. πŸ–€
  4. Each returned item should be neatly folded and packed in the original packaging. Please ensure the label matches the product's sticker on the package.
  5. Any promotional items included free of charge must be returned shall the order be returned in full.
  6. You may use the same box we sent your order in or use your own. Whichever you use, please ensure you protect the returned goods and do not ruin their packaging.
  7. Make sure you put in the original delivery slip or printed invoice with your return.

  8. If you returning for a store credit or size exchange - make sure you write a note on the delivery slip or invoice.

You may return almost any unused item within 14 days from the date when you received the order.


Please do not be offended by these rules, as the following request may seem obvious, but you would be surprised to see some returns we receive. When trying out the clothes, please make sure you do not have and will not contact deodorant, perfume, food, cigarette smoke, filth, dry skin flakes, body grease, animal fur, dust, etc. When trying on shoes, please make sure the floor is clean. We do not accept returns of items that have been worn and damaged, or soiled. Sorry, but no exceptions. 

Return the goods in the same conditions you'd want to receive them. Please respect your fellow shoppers and the work of the Fantasmagoria team.

Check the RETURNS section articles for full info on returns and refunds

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