Return instructions for customers from outside of the EU
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Customers in the USA, UK, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, and other non-EU countries, should read international return instructions before returning any item from their order.

You may return almost any unused item to us within 14 days of receiving the order.

  1. Please make sure your item is returnable (e.g., it is not hosiery, underwear, makeup, mask, or jewelry)
  2. Make sure all goods meet the "Return Conditions":
    2.1 Return items must be in their original state, with their original labels and tags.
    2.2 All items must be returned spotlessly clean, unworn, unwashed, clean, and without smells, dust, animal hair, deodorant, or makeup stains. 🖤
  3. Pack return items nicely
    3.1 Each returned item should be folded neatly and packed in the original product's branded packaging.
    3.2 Any promotional items included free of charge required to be returned shall the order be returned in full.
    3.3 You may use the same outer box in which we sent your order in or use your own. Whichever you use, please make sure you protect the returned goods and do not ruin their branded packaging.

  4. Print the invoice (invoice was sent to your email when you placed the order, you can also log in to download it at your account), then:
    4.1 Mark the items you are sending us as a return and write down if you wish a size exchange (keep in mind size exchanges outside the EU can only be sent with your new order), store credit, or money refund. 
    No printer? No worries! Use a Delivery List instead (always sent with your order)

    The benefit of store credit and exchange: With both options, you keep shopping points. You also gain bonus points, putting you on the path to VIP status (or an upgrade if you're already a VIP!). This way you won't miss out on special offers, discounts, and free shipping.
  5. Place the documents in a clear envelope and stick them to the outer side of the package. Ask the courier or post worker to provide this envelope for you.
  6. Fill in customs declaration (the courier of your choice will provide these documents), make sure it matches the invoice data, product price, and currency (EURO) should also match the invoice.
  7. Mark the return package as "GOODS RETURN TO THE SELLER."
  8. Send the return back to our address:
    Pelesos 1
    02158 Vilnius
    Please always write our phone number +37064866613
    & email [email protected] so the couriers can contact us about the delivery.
  9. Contact us through chat or by [email protected] email right after you send the return with this information:
    9.1 The tracking number of the return parcel.
    9.2 Name of the shipping service you used (e.g., Post Office or UPS, DHL, or another courier).
    9.3 Your full name & order number.
    9.4 Complete list of items returned.
    9.5 Attach a (photo) copy of the customs declaration, which you filled in and sent with the order.
    All this data is absolutely needed for customs clearance and to receive your order.
  10. Allow up to 30 days for the parcel to return, and expect up to 2 weeks of customs clearance. Yes, it may take so long, but it is beyond our control because the EU customs are hard to deal with, and with each return, we have to prove that it is a return, not a purchase. Please proceed with all the data and steps requested above to speed up the return process.
    Any duties that occurred on returned goods due to the wrongly filled customs declaration or parcel not marked as "goods return to the seller" will remain the customer's responsibility.

  11. Wait until we receive & inspect the return, and refund your payment for goods (minus the customs charge*). Once we finalize your return, you will receive a confirmation email from [email protected].

    *Please note that EU customs will charge any return from the country outside the European Union 20 EUR. If more than 4 items are returned, the charge is 30 EUR per return. This money will be deducted from the refund (say, your returned 1 item for 50 EUR, we will refund you 30 EUR). 


More information about the return process & conditions can be found here.

We understand these return conditions may sound complicated, but we should abide by the law and follow the international trade and shipment rules. When placing the order with us, you agree to these terms. If you have any questions about customs charges, please address them to the customs offices. 

Please note that EU customs will charge any return from a country outside the European Union with at least 20 EUR; we also have to fill in an endless amount of paperwork for each return outside the EU. PayPal and card payment providers do not refund us the 5% charge they take for each transaction, even in case of a refund. Therefore, we would be thankful if you carefully picked the sizes and items for your purchase, thus avoiding the returns. Should you have any questions before purchasing or missing any product information, please always contact us via live chat or email.

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