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Looking for a present and don't know what to buy or it's too late to shop? We've got you covered! Fantasmagoria digital gift cards are the perfect birthday, Christmas, or any other holiday present or a lovely gift to anyone.

How does it work?

  1. Select the gift amount you want to give & click on the corresponding link below.
  2. Make payment.
  3. Fill in the gift card form with your name and contact details (the form will appear after successful payment).
  4. Wait until we send you an email with the promo code, which can be used as a shopping voucher.

Click here to BUY 25 € GIFT CARD >>

Click here to BUY 50 € GIFT CARD >>

Click here to BUY 100 € GIFT CARD >>

Click here to BUY 150 € GIFT CARD >>

Click here to BUY 200 € GIFT CARD >>

Click here to BUY 300 € GIFT CARD >>

Click here to BUY 500 € GIFT CARD >>

Did you pay for the gift card but forgot to fill in the form? 

Contact us in a chat with this info:

  1. Write the value of the purchased gift card.
  2. [PAYER'S DATA] Your full name
  3. [PAYER'S DATA] Your email
  4. [PAYER'S DATA] Your phone number (including country code)
  5. [PAYER'S DATA] Your country
  6. [RECIPIENT'S DATA] Gift card receiver's country

Want to buy more than one gift card?

Fantastic! Contact us with the quantity and amounts.

For any questions - feel free to contact us by chat or phone at +37064866613.

Before buying a Gift Card, please make sure you read and agree with the terms and conditions, as this is a non-returnable product.

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Can you email the gift card to the receiver?
Absolutely! Don't forget to include the personal message to the receiver when filling in the form.
However, please note that we will email it right away, so if you wish the receiver to get the card on a special date - please send it yourself.

Do you send physical gift cards?
Nope, sorry about that. Tip: write a gift card coupon code on the postcard and send it to the receiver!

Can I buy a different amount gift card?
You can only buy these gift card amounts with us: 25€/50€/100€/150€/200€/300€/500€

Can you assign the gift card to the receiver?
Sure! Please ensure the receiver has an account with us and provide us with their email address.

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