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Fantasmagoria "Gift Cards" purchase and use terms and conditions

Valid 12 months for shopping at Fantasmagoria web store.
Can be used any time - sales including!
Several Gift Cards can be used at once.
Gift Cards are issued electronically. A promo code will be sent after payment.
Should be used at once.
Can't be refunded.
Unused values will not be refunded nor extended after the expiry date.
Shipping expenses can't be covered with this coupon.
Gift vouchers cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. It is the buyer's responsibility to keep the code safe and ensure that it will be used by the intended gift card receiver only.
Buyer is responsible for informing the gift card receiver about these terms.
In case of return of the goods paid with the Gift Card coupon - a new coupon equal to the amount of the returned goods will be issued.

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