Przelewy24 supports 165 banks and several other payment methods and is, therefore, the most popular payment method in Poland
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Przelewy24 makes it possible for customers in Poland to pay online, via many Polish banks, international credit cards, and various other payment methods, for example, SMS.

Payments using Przelewy24 are guaranteed and confirmed immediately. In addition, payments are securely authenticated using Przelewy24 3D-secure.


The ordering process works as follows for Przelewy24 customers:

  • The customer selects Przelewy24 as the payment method in the online shop.
  • The customer is automatically passed through to the Przelewy24 system. Here, the customer selects their bank.
  • The customer is automatically passed through to the online banking section of the bank selected. Here the consumer processes the transaction as usual with that bank. The customer has up to 1 hour in which to do this.
  • The payment is confirmed immediately and is guaranteed.

For more information on payments check the PAYMENT page.

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