Why don't you ship by Post?

Postal delivery service has been discontinued
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Dear customers, from 1st January 2023, we no longer offer delivery by post.

There are several reasons for that:

  1. Post Office raised the postal services delivery prices so much that it is now cheaper to ship by couriers. Delivery by post costs almost the same as express courier delivery. 
  2. Delivery delays. Some postal deliveries took 1 to 2 months to reach our customers.
  3. Unreliable or non-existing tracking. Because each country has its own tracking system, tracking the orders sent by post does not always work. Sometimes post even changes the tracking number when the parcel leaves Europe.
We want to provide you with the best service at the best price; therefore, we switched to courier service & parcel terminal delivery only.

Why don't you offer delivery by post anymore? It was so comfortable for me. I could pick up orders from the post office whenever I wanted, and I was not always home when the couriers arrived! What do I do now?

We understand, and here is why you should not worry about the lack of postal delivery and use our courier delivery:

  • All courier services offer a redirect of their pickup points.
  • If you love picking up your order at the post office, it is good to know that most couriers allow you to redirect the delivery to your local post office for later pickup.
  • You can choose delivery to your work address, so you don't have to wait for the courier at home.
  • Via the courier app, you can request your order to be left at the door or by neighbors.
  • With all the courier services we provide, by following the tracking link-  you will always know the exact day of arrival of your order.
  • Courier delivery is way faster, safer, and nowadays even cheaper than post.
  • Did you know? We offer delivery to parcel terminals by Omniva in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Several courier companies also allow their receivers to redirect orders to the parcel box terminal.

After 20 years of working with the Post Office, it was a hard decision to stop using their services. Let's hope the situation will normalize, and we can ship by post again.

You are welcome to share your opinion about the post or courier delivery by sending us a message in chat.

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