I can't pick up the parcel. The courier must deliver it to my address.

Follow the advice in this article and contact us.
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I can't leave the house to pick up the parcel. I am also not able to go downstairs or meet the courier. The courier must deliver it to my address and at my door. What should I do?

Well, usually all our couriers deliver orders to customers' "hands," but there might be exceptions and the rules are different in each country.

For guaranteed delivery to your address and to disable the delivery to the pickup point, we can offer the signed delivery. You should be available at the address during the day to accept the order and sign. Signed delivery is only possible for express priority shipments and costs 5 EUR.

Also, if the courier must deliver the order to your door, please get in touch with us before placing the order, as we then should check if such a service is available in your area.

When contacting us, please write this info:

  1. Describe your request.
  2. Write your complete address.
  3. Write what time you are available to receive the order.
  4. Mention that you are ready to select priority express shipping and pay for a signed delivery service.

If this sounds complicated, you can address the shipment to someone else who can pick up the order on your behalf if needed.

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