Guest checkout cons and pros
Parašė Hellena
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Still shopping as a guest?

Here is why you should consider becoming our registered customer:

🍰 Big discount during your birthday month.

👑 Collect points to receive a permanent shopping discount.

🚀 Faster checkout and shipping price check.

💎 Promo codes for registered customers only.

✈️ Enjoy periodic free shipping promotions.

❤️ Save and manage your wishlists effortlessly in separate lists.

Send us a message "switch to a customer account" - and we'll fix this for you! 


Benefits of shopping as a guest:

Quick Checkout: Shop and check out fast—no need to sign up.

No Account Needed: Shop without creating an account.

Privacy: Keep your details to yourself.

Casual Shopping: Ideal for one-time buys.

Simple and Easy: Pick your items and pay. No extra steps!

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