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    1. Warehouse manager, orders picker & packer

    2. Store administrator

    3. Social media manager

    βœ… For all the positions, we offer a monthly salary from 1600-2300 brutto /1000-1300€ after taxes. A Higher salary depends on skills and will follow with experience and independent contribution to the company's development.

    βœ… Permanent employment contracts for a permanent job in Vilnius, Fantasmagoria headquarters at Dariaus ir Gireno 2.

    βœ… Work schedule: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 18:00 (8 hours per day with 1 hour break). A 6-hour working day is a subject of negotiation :).

    Are you thrilled about Fantasmagoria's job offers? Send your CV to [email protected].

    You can write in English or Lithuanian language.
    Mention which position you are interested in when applying.
    Describe why you want this job.
    Let us know if you have any experience doing this job.
    Feel free to write about your hobbies and interests. 
    Welcome to let us know which of your skills might be useful for Fantasmagoria company.
    We recommend including the link to your public social media and/or LinkedIn profile.



      βœ”οΈ Collecting and packing orders.

      βœ”οΈ Creating shipping labels (basic computer skills required).

      βœ”οΈ Unpacking, counting, and storing incoming goods, confirming their quantity and condition.

      βœ”οΈ Keeping the warehouse clean and tidy.

      βœ”οΈ Fluent verbal and written communication in Lithuanian. English language knowledge is optional.



      βœ”οΈ Fantasmagoria customers support in physical and online shops.

      βœ”οΈ Sales consultation, size, and style advice.

      βœ”οΈ Store window decor and maintenance of product display.

      βœ”οΈ Maintaining order in the store.

      βœ”οΈ Customer's "self-pickup" orders picking and packing.

      βœ”οΈ Fluent verbal and written communication in Lithuanian and English.



      βœ”οΈ Managing Fantasmagoria's social media channels.

      βœ”οΈ Working with influencers.

      βœ”οΈ Creating visuals  (at least basic Adobe Photoshop skills required).

      βœ”οΈ Writing engaging posts.

      βœ”οΈ Interaction with followers.

      βœ”οΈ Fluent verbal and written communication in Lithuanian and English.

      If we (still ;)) need an introduction: Fantasmagoria is a well-known Lithuanian company and alternative fashion distributor with retail and wholesale customers worldwide. We have been in business for over 20 years, and our company grows and expands yearly. This is a fantastic opportunity to join a growing international business with clients from over 100 countries worldwide!

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