How to understand the not-so-standard size range and choose the right size
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DOUBLE (COMBINED) SIZES: XS-S, S-M, S-L, and similar

  • Double or combined sizes mean that the garment is made out of stretchy fabric or the size is adjustable.
  • For example, an XS-M size stretchy knitted top would suit sizes XS, S, M.
  • If you are in between S & M sizes, and the garment comes in combined sizes such as XS-S, M-L; choose size XS-S for a tight fit or size M-L for a normal/loose fit.


"Free size," also known as a "one-size" garment, means that the item is only made in one size.

  • Free Size clothing suits best body sizes from Extra-Small to Medium (XS, S, M). Depending on the design, it usually suits sizes Large too, but might be too tight for size XL. Usually, free-sized clothes are too small for XXL and Plus sizes. For more information please always refer to the product photo, description, and lay-flat sizes.
  • Free Size Women's clothing suits women's bodies sized from XS to L; men's bodies sized from XS to S.
  • Free Size Unisex or Men's clothing suits women's bodies sized from S to XXL; men's bodies sized from XS to XL.
  • Free Size accessory fits any body size. Depending on the design and product type, it might be slightly too loose on XS sizes and slightly too tight on Plus sizes.

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