Can I see the size in inches?

Written by Hellena
Updated 1 year ago

Can I see the size in inches?

Based on body measurements, size charts are always shown in cm - centimeters, height in cm, and weight in kg - kilograms.

We are sorry that we do not provide sizes in inches. Here, in Europe, we use a metric size system; therefore, we write all sizes in centimeters.
If you can't understand size in cm, contact us via chat; send your bust/waist/hips, weight, height, and link to the clothing you want to buy. We will help you convert your size to cm and advise on your best-fit size.

How to convert cm to inches?

Convert centimeters into inches by multiplying by 0.3937. For example, 66 cm x 0.3937 inch = 26 inch

Type "cm to inch" in Google, enter the number in cm and see the result in inch. Check the Google conversion link here.

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