Do I have to pay customs duties? My country is not in the EU.

Most likely yes, read on to find out
Written by Hellena
Updated 4 months ago

I live in the United States / UK / Switzerland / Norway / Australia or other countries outside the European Union. Do I have to pay import taxes and customs fees on the arrival of my order?

Well, most likely, yes, but only if your order is over a certain amount determined by your country's tax & customs office. 

On the bright side, you shop tax-free with us! Once you choose the delivery country outside the EU, all the prices are TAX-free, and you pay 19 to 27% less than our European customers. According to our customers outside the EU, any taxes they pay are always less than the VAT paid by the EU customers πŸ˜‰! 

Did you know? The minimum taxable/billable order amount is relatively high in the US, Russia, and Australia. Check out the "Import fees by country" article to see how much import fees you might have to pay if your delivery address is in a non-EU country.

Please note you don't pay any taxes or customs duties to us, so if your local customs office or courier (UPS, DHL, or FedEx) asks you to pay duties - it is obligatory.

Check the import fee articles for all the customs related info (relevant only for customers receiving orders outside the European Union).

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