Is there a minimum order for which I won't have to pay fees?

Check the list to find out if there is a minimum amount
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Is there a minimum order for which I won't have to pay fees?

There is, but it depends on the country and may change anytime.

We made a list by country and non-taxable minimum order value for your convenience.

  • The United States imports are duty and tax-free due to the generous USD 800 $ tax de minimis (~700 Euro).
  • Australia has A$1,000 de minimis (~630 Euro). 
  • New Zealand's de minimis is 1,000 NZD (~580 Euro).
  • United Kingdom's de minimis is 135 GBP on duty fees, but 20% value-added taxes must be paid on all orders.
  • Israel's de minimis is 1500 USD on duty fees, but taxes must be paid on all orders over 75 USD.
  • Canada's de minimis is only 20 CAD.
  • Norway's de minimis is 350 NOK.
  • Switzerland's de minimis is 0 CHF, so taxes and duties must be paid on all receivable orders.
  • Mexico's de minimis is only 50 USD.

There might be an annual threshold on minimum order allowance. For example, you received many orders within a year. In that case, even if they all were below the taxable amount, you might be requested to pay duties by the customs on your next order (even if the order is small).

Please check with your country's customs info line for the latest information.

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