Info on delivery, returns, and payment options for customers from Japan
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We ship to Japan by:

  • UPS Express saver courier services
  • FedEx Priority and economy courier services
  • DHL Express courier services
If you cannot see any delivery options please use LATIN CHARACTERS (English letters) ONLY without any special characters (ā,Ε«,Δ“,ō) in your address.

Delivery price and time are shown next to all the available delivery options once you select Japan and enter your postcode on the checkout page.


We accept these payment methods that you can choose from when ordering in Japan (click on the names to get more information):

All credit cards



Customers outside the EU always shop tax-free (0% VAT) at Fantasmagoria.shop.

When ordering delivery to Japan, you don't pay any Value Added Taxes to us, and we do not collect any customs fees from you. All of this is done by the couriers and the government.


As a consumer, you should assume that your order may be subject to duties and/or taxes as well as administrative fees (fees assessed by a courier company that may handle the Customs declaration on your behalf).

The easiest way to handle the customs fees is when the courier company accounts for the shipment for you. 

The minimum non-taxable amount for Japan is JPY 10,000 (~70 EUR)

If the order is higher than JPY 10,000 (~70 EUR), the courier company will send you an email asking you to pay taxes and customs duties.
The minimum import duty for clothing is around 10%. The maximum amount with all additional costs can be up to 20% of the order amount. 

When you pay beforehand, the courier companies often offer you a discount.

For more information on import fees, please check the Japan customs office.


  • General return terms for countries outside the EU apply to Japan.
  • Please contact our customer support through chat or email before returning anything.
  • Contact us via chat to avoid pricy return expenses if you are unsure about the sizing.

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