Looking for an outfit for a band or art photoshoot? See how we can help you in the creative process.
Written by Hellena
Updated 1 year ago

Are you an artist who needs a stage outfit or clothing for the photoshoots and artwork?

Fantastic! Glad you found us! We offer discounts or free items (depending on the size and popularity of the project). Welcome to contact us here through chat or by email at [email protected] with your collaboration ideas or sponsorship requests.

Browse our website, create an account, add the items you like to your favorite list, and send us the link by emailing [email protected].

In the same email, describe your collaboration ideas, send links to your projects, and write as much info about yourself as possible or as needed for us to get to know how we could sponsor you. We also need to know which country you are based in, how many people are involved in the project, and what you can offer us.

Through this collaboration, we'd want to receive promotion among your fans and followers. We expect tags and website address mentions, and we'd also request you to send us the photos and videos of the outfits you received from us (whether they were received as free items or were paid with a discount).

If you are ready to start our collaboration, you are welcome to fill in the promoters application form 

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