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Hey there, amazing creatives of Gothic fashion! Fantasmagoria is on the lookout for talented individuals with a unique flair for Dark Alternative styles. πŸ–€ Want to become a Fantasmagoria promoter or brand ambassador? Let's collab!

Do you have a passion for modeling or influencing the Alternative fashion scene? πŸ¦‡ Or do you have an innovative concept that you'd love to bring to life with our products? That's fantastic! πŸŽ‰ Have a look at the collaboration criteria and requirements below.

🌟 Are You the One We're Looking For? 🌟

βœ… You're at least 18 years old.
βœ… You adore the fashion Fantasmagoria offers, and our products match your style.
βœ… You're a fashionista, influencer, blogger, model, professional photographer, videographer, band, or artist.
βœ… You have 5,000+ followers on at least one of your social media networks (TikTok/Instagram/YouTube).
βœ… You're an active content creator and consistently engage with your followers.
βœ… You get at least 500 likes on each of your posts.
βœ… You receive at least 10 (or more) comments on most of your posts.
βœ… Your followers are real and share the same fashion interests as you.
βœ… You follow our @fantasmagoria and @punkrave Instagram.
βœ… You follow our @fantasmagoria and @punkrave TikTok profiles.

βœ… Your account showcases your personality and unique aesthetics.
βœ… You're dedicated to posting consistently and engaging with your followers.
βœ… You can capture and provide high-quality, full-height photos where our clothing is visible.
βœ… You create short (Reels, TikTok) or/and long (YouTube) videos.
βœ… You're excited to promote Fantasmagoria among your fans, friends, and followers.

If all the above applies to you, then read on and see if you can fulfill the collaboration conditions! πŸ’Œ


βœ… Take high-quality photos and videos wearing or using the received item.

βœ… The item you receive from us should be clearly visible in the content you provide. We expect to see closeup and full-height photos. Note: wrinkles caused by product packaging and shipping must be straightened/ironed before the shoot.

βœ… Post at least 2 (two) feed posts per received item on each social network you use (of course, you are more than welcome to post as many times as possible!)

βœ… Post at least 2 (two) stories (of course, you are more than welcome to post as many times as possible!)

βœ… Tag and mention Fantasmagoria on all the posted content’s images or/and videos.*

βœ… Tag Fantasmagoria as a collaborator or business partner, or at least add a location and tag "Fantasmagoria"

βœ… In the caption/description: tag @Fantasmagoria, write our web-shop address Fantasmagoria.shop, and write the name of the item you are wearing/using.

βœ… Write a product name in the post description.

βœ… When tagging us on the Instagram photo, please ensure that our tag stands out and is not stacked or hidden under other tags.

βœ… Don’t tag any other shops, businesses, or brands other than @fantasmagoria & @punkrave if only our goods are in that post.

βœ… You cannot tag other shops, brands, or businesses or allow them to use the content you created only for us. Even if the requester sells the same goods or if our contract is stopped or ended, only the Fantasmagoria business must be advertised.

βœ… Posted content must be kept on your profile for at least one year.

βœ… If you post on Facebook through Instagram, please make sure you go to your Facebook page and edit the description. Make sure our Facebook page https://facebook.com/fantasmagoria is tagged (and not just mentioned as an unclickable text without a link).

βœ… Follow our @fantasmagoria Instagram profile (at least during the collaboration period - from the day we send you the goods up to at least one month after you post sponsored content)

βœ… Once you take photos and/or videos, send them to us:
ℹ️  By email to [email protected]
ℹ️  Through WeTransfer
ℹ️ Upload them to any cloud storage and send us a link (you can use Google Drive or Dropbox).
βœ… Write the extra credits you want us to use for reposting (for example, the photographer’s name).
βœ… The received image size should be at least 2MB at 1200 pixels width x 1920 pixels height (the larger, the better). The video should be suitable to watch in full size on the phone screen.
βœ… Make sure you add a signature in your email with your full name and social media handles (@names).

βœ… All the tasks above should be completed within one month of receiving the item(s) from us.

βœ… You confirm that you and the photographer (and whoever takes part in creating the images) allow and agree with the use of the pictures & videos you provide us for the advertisement of Fantasmagoria and the placement of these images on social media networks and websites belonging to Fantasmagoria.

βœ… Once we ship your collab items, ensure you track the shipment and be available at the address on the day of delivery or pick up the parcel at the post office or access point. Once we ship your parcel, we will email you the tracking number. 

βœ… If you have already received the items, but for any reason, you decide that you don’t want or can’t follow the terms written above: please ship the items back at your expense, in original condition, or pay full price for the goods and shipment within 7 days.

βœ… By agreeing to join the collaboration with Fantasmagoria, you confirm that you agree with the conditions written on this page, and you agree to proceed with our requests written here. Should any of us have any questions or issues about this collaboration, this document and our email correspondence will be used as a legal contract.


β˜‘οΈ Create an unboxing video or story.

β˜‘οΈ Film a short or long video and post it on Stories, Reels, TikTok, and YouTube. This could be the unboxing, styling, or review video.

β˜‘οΈ Join and post in our Facebook groups.

β˜‘οΈ Choose post location as “Fantasmagoria” (make sure you choose Fantasmagoria, Dariaus ir Gireno 2, Vilnius, Lithuania)

β˜‘οΈ Please share your feedback about the received item with us. Let us know what you liked or disliked about it and what you would recommend our shoppers to consider when buying this item.

β˜‘οΈ If you notice other pages repost the photo without the @fantasmagoria tag – please contact them with a request to include the @fantasmagoria tag. Please message us if you have trouble cooperating with such reposts without the credits.

Please note to start the collab; we will request you to provide your full name, birth date, body size, contact phone number, and delivery address.
We do not share your personal data with any parties. We only use your application to decide if you are applicable for collaboration. According to our Privacy Policy, if you wish us to delete your personal data, this will be done right away. Still, if the contract already started and goods are sent, your personal data will be deleted when the contract ends (usually in 12 months).

🀩 We are looking for ongoing partnerships. When you fulfill all the conditions as requested above, it increases your chance to work with us on a permanent basis.
We also prefer to work with creators who do not support fast fashion or corporations that produce copies of the Alternative scene designers.

What do we (Fantasmagoria) expect from our influencers?

We want our influencers to genuinely create and increase awareness about the Fantasmagoria shop among their fans, friends, and followers.



If you agree with all the terms and are ready to fulfill all required conditions listed above, please ⚑ FILL IN THIS FORM. ⚑
Do not fill out the application form if you are not a professional or you did not personally receive our offer for collaboration. 

Once we review your application and find that you qualify, we'll get in touch with you by email or Instagram within 2 weeks. Our email or direct messaging communication, the form you fill in, and your written acceptance to participate in a paid or unpaid promotion with us will be used as the legal contract & legal agreement. 🀩

For any questions regarding our Influencers program, info, or suggestions, please contact us by email at [email protected]

🌟 Collaboration Options 🌟

Depending on your profile type, skills, and reach, various collaboration options are available. Here are a few examples:

Option 1 is for rising Influencers with more than 5000 but less than 30k followers: We'll send you a free item of our choice.

Option 2 is for experienced Influencers with 30k to 200k followers: We'll send you a list of items available for collaboration, and you can pick a full outfit.

Option 3 is for Pro Influencers & Models with over 200k active followers: Choose a full outfit, and opt for a paid collaboration.


Website Fantasmagoria.shop 
Fantasmagoria Instagram tag @fantasmagoria
TikTok tag @fantasmagoriashop
Facebook  tag @fantasmagoria
Official Fantasmagoria Facebook group

YouTube channel @fantasmagoriashop
Pinterest @fantasmagoriashop
Twitter tag @fantasmashop

Fantasmagoria company is the official Punk Rave distributor and the largest Punk Rave stockist in the world. If you receive goods made by the Punk Rave brand, please tag these Punk Rave profiles:
Punk Rave Instagram & TikTok tag: @punkrave
Facebook Tag: @punkravebrand
Official Punk Rave Facebook group
Please make sure you do not tag any other Punk Rave profiles and only tag the profiles listed here.

Did you know? Fantasmagoria has everything in stock, and all goods are ready to be shipped immediately! We offer speedy worldwide delivery, and we ship from Europe!
We are a small family business from Vilnius, Lithuania; our country is in the European Union.
Fantasmagoria ™ is the official Punk Rave, Dark in Love, Devil Fashion, Pyon Pyon, RQ-BL, Ballerina brands distributor globally, and one of the biggest Killstar stockists.

Follow Fantasmagoria Instagram and check the amazing content created by our customers and promoters.

Continue shopping at the Fantasmagoria store.

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