Everything you need to know about Collab posts and reels
Written by Goda
Updated 3 months ago

Why we want to be tagged as a collaborator:

  • Easy communication as users can simply tap the name of a brand or creator on the post to visit their profile.
  • Improves transparency for your followers.
  • Gives full credit to all authors of a post. 
  • Easy reshare of a post or a reel. 

To invite/tag a collaborator to a reel or post you're creating:

  • Before you publish your reel, tap Tag people:

  • Tap Invite collaborator:

  • Search for the account you want to add as a collaborator, then tap the account:

  • Tap Done (blue checkmark):

  • Once you post the reel or post and we accept the invite you'll see Fantasmagoria as a co-author and tagged on the post:

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