Why the delivery price to my address gets higher when I enter my postcode?

Probably because your address is in the remote location
Written by Hellena
Updated 1 year ago

I have noticed that the delivery to my country is cheaper than the delivery to my address.
Once I select my country on checkout, the delivery price is fine, but when I enter my delivery address, the shipping price changes and becomes higher. Why so?

Sorry to hear that. This happens because the surcharge is applied to deliver the order to your address.

This surcharge is applied for delivery to rural and remote "out of the courier delivery" locations that are less accessible or far away from the city.

It might also be that the area you live in is private; to enter the area, couriers must pay the entrance fee.

πŸ’‘ If possible, use another delivery address in the city to avoid the surcharge of "out of delivery" locations.

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