The tracking link does not work. Why?

Does the tracking page not show any update on the delivery of your order? Find out why!
Written by Hellena
Updated 1 year ago

I received an email that you shipped my order, but the tracking link sent to my email does not show any info. Why? 

Please do not worry. Your order will be delivered safely and at the time stated on checkout. We have handled your order to the courier, and your tracking link will show the status of your shipment once the courier company processes your shipment. Please check the tracking link tomorrow; or on Monday if it is a weekend or the next working day if it is a national holiday today. 

I have been tracking my package, but it does not seem to be moving, and there are no updates on the package’s location or delivery date. Why? 

Your order will arrive securely and by the estimated delivery time indicated during checkout. Rest assured. Unless otherwise noted, your package is still within the courier's network and should be delivered on the scheduled delivery date.

Shipment movement information is captured when a tracking label is scanned in the UPS delivery system at each stop. There may be several days between scans if the shipment is cross-country or moving between countries.

Another reason for no tracking page updates might be that couriers might not operate in rural, remote, and non-central locations. The courier company forwarded your shipment to a local courier service. In these rare cases, the tracking page updates might be slower.

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